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AWS MAP Assessment: OBS’ Journey in Embracing Innovation

2 min reading time Discover how OBS is transforming SaaS solutions through the AWS MAP Assessment. Learn about our innovative use of Generative AI, intelligent transcription, telehealth solutions, and application modernization strategies, positioning us at the forefront of technological advancement. Join us on this exciting journey towards a more innovative tomorrow!

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Are You Going To The World’s 1st IoT Virtual Conference & Exhibition?

< 1 min reading time GRAND RAPIDS – The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is a game-changer for many industries, from manufacturing, to transportation, government, healthcare, education, retail and many, many more! With industry analysts expecting 50 – 70 BILLION connected devices by 2020 (in a world with just 7 Billion people), the impact of the ability to make everyday devices “talk” to each other and share data sets the stage to make radical changes in our lives and businesses.

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Michigan Green Jobs: State Ranks 12th For Environmentally-Friendly Jobs

< 1 min reading time Want to work at a “green” company? In Michigan, you could be in luck. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from earlier this month, Michigan had the 12th highest number of people working in green jobs in 2010. A total of 2.1 percent of workers here had green jobs, or 79,771 of the total 3,770,225 jobs in the state.

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